Sneak Peek! The Royal Street Witch by Jenna Walker

Title: The Royal Street Witch
Author: Jenna Walker
Genre: Paranormalsocial Romance
Event Organized by: Social Butterfly PR

Aster Wildes is the last true witch of New Orleans. 

Behind the walls of a French Quarter speakeasy, Aster sells magic potions to a family of vampires. It’s not a glamorous job and barely pays her mortgage, but Aster knows what her coven expects of her…

Create elixirs that allow vampires to survive, don’t fraternize with said vampires, and never, ever conduct business on the side.

Despising vampires makes these rules easy to follow until Bastian Delacroix reappears. And after years of being absent, does he really have to smile at Aster the way he does? Doesn’t he know he’s supposed to act like the other vampires—exude doom and gloom rather than rakish charm?

With the nerve to propose a secret deal, Bastian requests that Aster concoct a potion that allows vampires to walk in the sun, and in return, she’ll be handsomely rewarded for her crime.

Although Aster knows better than to trust vampires, she finds herself giving in to the allure of financial freedom . . . and to him.

The two embark on an illicit journey, allowing Aster to see a new side of Bastian, one that’s charismatic and tender. When business inevitably mixes with pleasure, they find themselves carried away by a romance as forbidden as the potion they’ve created.

But there are stakes in the bayou where witches have burned for treason, and when Aster is in danger of being exposed, she knows she will have to make a choice—Bastian or the coven her blood is tied to.

It’s a predicament no amount of magic can solve.

If you love: Enemies-to-lovers, An Alpha who Bites, Forbidden Love, Grumpy/Sunshine, He Falls First,Secret Societies, Vampires vs Witches, Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy Romance, The Royal Street Witch is for you!

Jenna Walker is a born-and-raised California girl, who has been waiting to be bitten by the vampire Lestat for most of her adult life. She loves making plans, then always regrets making them. Because creatures of the night belong cozy in their beds.

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