Review: Fearless by Priscilla West

Print Length: 258 pages
Publisher: Amazon Unlimited (November 13, 2014)

From "What are you doing?" Jax struggled.

My heart breaking for him, I raised his bruised hand to my mouth and kissed it tenderly. "Burning away the past."

Beaten, bruised, and broken, I made a desperate move that would change our lives forever.

Just when I thought the worst was behind us, cracks appeared, secrets surfaced, and lies unraveled.

With threats closing in from all sides and our very lives hanging in the balance, I was faced with the most difficult decision of my life.

WARNING: This book is recommended for MATURE AUDIENCES (18+) ONLY due to explicit sexual content. This is also book #2 in a series, so to fully understand the characters I would recommend reading book 1 Reckless prior to reading this one.

My Rating: 4 stars out of 5

The conclusion to Jax & Riley's story was everything the first book was - and more. There was more angst, more drama, and even a few heart-breaking realizations that made this story seem more real than the first one. 

Despite all that they have overcome, I felt that this book was a continuation of that growth. We got to see underneath the characters, to what was really driving them, and I found that to be an enjoyable aspect then I have seen in some of her other novels. There was also less sex in this series than some of her others - which as much as I enjoy a good sex scene as much as the next person, I felt the lack of it gave way to learning more about the characters and enabled the plot to move forward instead of become repetitive, or worse, dropping off just before a major key point. 

I did thoroughly enjoy the ending as well - it was good to see Kristen again (from her Surrender series) and see where she was in her life and how things were working out for her. 

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