Review: Selling His Mansion by Alicia Roberts

Realtor Tracey Prescott thinks she has finally gotten her big break - a multi-million dollar home listing for one of the most wealthiest men in the world.... that is if she can get its unsure and charismatic owner (a man she is desperately attracted to) to agree to sell his house in the first place.

My Rating: 1 out of 5 Stars

I have to admit that I was very disappointed in Selling His Mansion . There was a great premise behind it, and interesting characters, but overall, it just fell completely flat.

Even though this book is considered a novella, and therefore is supposed to be short, the ending was way to abrupt for my tastes. It seemed as though it ended in the middle of a sentance, leaving the reader handing with no sense of fulfillment or closure.

Unfortunately, the ending was just the beginning of what I did not like about this story. The author's descriptions are very repetitive  For example, her first description of Derek where she describes what he was wearing reads; "It fell perfectly on his shoulders and fit his well-shaped body perfectly." I believe the book would have been more interesting if the author had expanded upon her adjectives.

There were also several instances poorly constructed sentences. And example of this happened early on in the book when Tracey decides to take a bath after a hard day at work. "She opened the bottle and poured a tall glass, before heading to the bathroom to draw a hot bath. She filled the tub with bubbles and took her time soaking and enjoying her wine". The message is clearly conveyed by the author, but it does little to keep the reader's attention.

While the characters seem to be very definitive in their personality types, and well thought out in the author's mind, certain behaviors did not seem plausible in my opinion  For example, typical members of the BDSM community, do not flaunt what they are the way Derek did. They would not just allow anyone (much less the realator they barely know) into their playroom, nor would they engage in bonding and play without first drawing definitive boundaries in the relationship. Women like Tracey typically do not agree to be tied up and spanked when they barely know the man and therefore do not have the trust it takes for BDSM play.

The one (and thankfully only) sex scene read like something straight out of a fanfiction; in fact several times I found myself wanting to laugh, not the reaction the author was going for I'm sure. However, it is hard not to laugh when you read passages such as "Derek moved on to trace the outlines of her hungry lower lips" and "gave him a perfect view of her hot, wet entrance".

I should mention that this is book one in a series, however, I will not be reading any additional books.

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