Review: The Viscount Takes a Bride by Violet Hamers


Print Length:  300 pages (approximate)
Publisher: Violet Hamers (December 29, 2022)

From The Viscount of Saxton killed her brother. That much is certain amongst Margaret’s family. And now he has the audacity to blackmail them in exchange for her hand in marriage!

Seth is a man of few words. And as the Viscount of Saxton, he is used to getting his way. Even if it means forcing his new bride into a marriage of convenience with him to protect her.

Only…Margaret proves to be too feisty for her own good. And his own sanity.

My Rating: 1 star out of 5

God this novel was just all over the place that it was often times hard to keep reading. 

To begin with, Seth's mother is one of the most abhorrent, over the top characters for no reason (okay she has a reason that is revealed at the end of the story, but it made absolutely no sense whatsoever). Then we have the old Duke that Margaret was supposed to marry who comes to her husband's village for no other reason that to try and turn the townspeople against Seth like a child who lost their favorite toy only to get dragged into the drama when Andrew (Margaret's brother) disappears. Again, it was a story-line that just didn't make sense. What was the purpose of this supposed riling up of the townspeople when literally nothing came from it? 

Oh and let's not forget Margaret's neighbors, Lord and Lady Lambton. These are supposedly good neighbors, and the wife at least, is a good friend of Margaret's. However, they are completely neglectful towards their two children (ages six and eight if memory serves, possibly younger). And when I say neglectful, I mean these children are ALWAYS coming into the manor unannounced, and usually dirty in some way. But instead of setting gentle guidelines and putting her foot down about their behaviors being unacceptable, Margaret encourages them going so far as to turn one of their downstairs rooms into a playroom for the two of them. It was a sad moment indeed when I found myself agreeing with the Dowager Viscountess that the children had no manners. In fact, it takes until near the end of the book for Margaret to even approach her friend Lady Lambton about the children and perhaps finding them a new governess (which last we hear about them. she still has not done). 

Andrew and Lily (Margaret's brother and Seth's sister) were cute in their own way, however it was obvious to anyone with a brain what they were up to, and the fact that it took Margaret so long to put it together was laughable. It was like they too were only used to move a different plot line along (aka put Andrew in a position to be kidnapped). 

I also wish the plot itself didn't feel as rushed as it did so that we could see more of the romance between Seth and Margaret bloom. Especially since we saw so little of their interactions other than him being unable to resist kissing her, and her unable to resist. Although I am happy that they were able to hold off on sleeping together for as long as they did so it didn't feel like that was the only reason they had feelings for each other. 

All things considered, I may give this author another chance as I did see quite a few people saying they enjoyed her other works, but this one just wasn't for me. 

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