Review: Lost Victim (DCI Rachel King #) by Helen H. Durrant


Print Length: 238 pages
Publisher: Joffee Books (May 25, 2023)

From After three months off, a gruesome murder throws Detective Rachel King back into the thick of it. But can she cope? The pressures of the job and of being a single mum are taking their toll.

It’s a horrifying sight. The body of an elderly woman is carefully posed on the altar. There’s gaffer tape over her mouth, her hands are crossed over her chest, tied together with white ribbon. A single white rose is placed between her fingers.

The victim is quickly identified as Mary Dunn, whose turn it was to arrange the church flowers. Everyone loved Mary. She wouldn’t harm a fly. Who would want to kill her?

Then forensic evidence produces a shocking a link to the Slasher, a notorious serial killer who stalked the streets of Manchester fifteen years before. But the Slasher was murdered in prison — so how come his DNA is found on Mary’s clothing?

Does Detective Rachel King have a serial killer on her patch? One who’s back from the dead . . 


My Rating: 2 stars out of 5

I have read all of the books in this series except the last two, and I was still confused about some of the things that had taken place in the time I had missed. And while I do fully intend to go back and read those two (the perks of having KU), for now, I'm just going to tell you my honest thoughts without having read them first. 

Rachel has changed from the last book I read until this one. Given the circumstances (which aren't entirely explained other than she has been in something akin to witness protection during or since the last book), would be understandable if it wasn't to the point that it started to feel like she was neglecting her duties not only as a police officer but as a mother as well. How can you be an officer with years of experience, in the middle of a complex investigation nonetheless, and still entrust a stranger with your young child without checking their references? She hires this girl strictly based on the recommendation of her ex-husband's new lady and a brief interview, accepting the girl's CV at face value. Of course, these choices come back to bite her, but that doesn't stop Rachel from not only forgiving Sophia but also giving her a second chance. 

At the same time, how can you be all of those things and not see what was right in front of you the whole time? It was baffling and not a good look, in my opinion, on this series. I also found it pretty far-fetched that her criminal ex-boyfriend was able to sneak into her house twice without being caught, not just because of the fact that he is on their most wanted list, but also the fact that her house was supposed to be being watched by other officers to keep her safe. Surely, if he could get in that easily, the man who meant to do her harm could as well? 

Throughout this novel, Rachel goes back and forth, thinking that maybe it is time she hangs up her warrant card and move on, and I think she might be right. However, I AM looking forward to the next group of investigators that comes from this author and would definitely read more from them. 

DISCLAIMER: I received a complimentary copy of this novel from the publisher. This has not affected my review in any way. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are 100% my own.

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