Book Blast! Sins of the Father by Franca Storm


Title: Sins of the Father
Author: Franca Storm
Genre: MC Romance

We don’t bend.

We don’t break.

We’re tried and tested warriors.

War is on our doorstep.

The enemy is coming for everything we have, everything we are.

They’ll use what we love against us.

Old blood feuds are resurrected, vengeance reigning unchecked. They want us to pay for our sins.

We stand united with our allies.

But we’ll fall with them if we make one wrong move.

It’s all on the line.

The stakes have never been higher.

It’s not about winning territory this time.

It’s about survival.

If we falter, it’ll cost us everything.

Our clubs.

Our families.

Our lives.

Franca writes emotional and gritty reads about alphas with a dark side and the kickass women who turn their worlds upside down. 

A Marvel and DC fan, you’ll often find her binging on superhero shows and movies. Away from that heart-pumping action, she’ll relax with a good book, or work on conquering her next 1,000-piece puzzle. 

She writes to alternative and hard rock with her storyboard of inspiration by her side and some tasty snacks along for the ride. A cross between a pantser and a plotter, she’s happiest when she’s fully immersed in crafting her fictional worlds. 

 She created Franca Storm United Universes in 2021, which brought together her different book universes under one umbrella. 

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