Review: The Academy (Tracy Crosswhite, #0.25) by Robert Dugoni


Print Length: 43 pages
Publisher:  Thomas & Mercer (September 9, 2014)

From Driven by the disappearance of her sister, Tracy Crosswhite quits her job as a high school science teacher to join the Seattle Police Department. While most of her classmates and instructors at the academy want her to succeed, Detective Johnny Nolasco is hell-bent on keeping the boys’ club intact.

The training sessions offer plenty of opportunities for humiliation, but Tracy’s not the type to give in. Fueled by a confrontation with her in the middle of a class, Nolasco is determined to see Tracy fail. Tracy, harboring memories of the loss of her sister and the disintegration of her family, has too much at stake to let one pigheaded detective stand in her way. With so much to lose, will she make the cut in this competitive world?


My Rating: 2 stars out of 5

This is the start of Tracy Crosswhite's journey as a police officer (although Her Sister's Grave is the official first novel in the series, The Academy is, as the title suggests, Tracy completing the police academy). 

However, it is not without its issues. 

For the most part, I enjoyed this short story. I enjoyed seeing Tracy as she stood up to the obstacles surrounding her. I enjoyed how she took Jenny under her wing and helped the only other female candidate in her class. 

However, I'm still unsure how Nolasco would have been allowed to get away with what he did. The story says that he was "sternly reprimanded," but he groped not one but two female candidates and then tried to get the one who stood up to him in trouble (even though she technically did follow his rules). 

I'm sorry, but his actions would not have been tolerated. He should have been immediately dismissed not only as a trainer but also in any position of authority that he held within the force until he had been cleared of the charges. So, the fact that this seemed to be something easily swept under the rug did not sit well with me (even if it gave Tracy and Johnny the solid background that had only been hinted at before in the novels). 

To be blunt, if you are already a fan of the Tracy Crosswhite series like I am (or you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited as I do), then this short story might be right up your alley. If this is the first time you are hearing about this series (and subscribe to Kindle Unlimited) give this one a shot first. If you're not? Start with Her Sisters Grave, as that will give you a better introduction to this character and all that she is capable of. 

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