Review: Deserve To Die by Miranda Rijks


Print Length: 282 pages
Publisher:  Inkubator Books (July 31, 2019)

From  Dom and Stacey have the perfect life. Until they meet Tamara. Brilliant, beautiful, she hides a horrifying secret. One that may destroy them all.

Happily married with two wonderful children, Dom and Stacey are living the dream. He runs a successful design agency, she is finding fame as an author of children’s books.

Everything is perfect. But then they meet the mesmerizing Tamara and their lives are changed forever.

Because Tamara is a woman with a plan. She executes it step by step – patient, systematic, methodical.

And as her plan unfolds, Dom and Stacey find their lives slipping out of control. Taking them from heaven into the deepest, darkest hell…


My Rating: 1 star out of 5

This book was a train wreck of epic proportions. However, it was just fast-paced enough that with enough eye-rolling I was able to get through it on my day off. 

You definitely have to suspend disbelief with this one for a lot of reasons. One of my biggest issues with this story was Dom and how incredibly stupid he was. To begin with, Tamara applies for the job of a recently deceased employee, and on paper, she looks like the perfect candidate, and yet he doesn't check out ANY of her references or speak to any past employers? He just accepts her resume at face value and hires her? He also doesn't find it suspicious that she insists upon attending the funeral of said deceased employee even though they had never met? 

His stupidity continues when he invites Tamara into his home, where she not only is given access to his wife's laptop that has confidential story-boards for her upcoming children's book on it, but she is also able to sneak around the upstairs of their house going as far as to steal Stacey's car keys, and put a 100-pound note in her wallet (and that was another thing for someone who was as poor as Tamara claimed to be, she was spending an awful lot of money).  To make matters worse, only days after coming into his life, Dom is now convinced that Stacey is having an affair even though she has never given him a reason to suspect she was unfaithful. 

The book continued this same way throughout until Tamara deliberately puts not only Dom's wife, but their two children in danger, but of course, orchestrates it to look like it was all Stacey's doing. From there we are treated to her basically moving into Dom's home on the pretense of "helping out" and he still can't see what she's about. Not even that she holds nothing but contempt for his two children imagining hitting them frequently. Stacey eventually gets out of her forced hospitalization (which was also a bit farfetched as given what she was there for, she wouldn't have been allowed out of the sight of the two people sent down with her), and now its up to her to find a way to clear her name. 

Which she eventually does, but not before we find out the absolutely ridiculous reason why Tamara is so hellbent on ruining her life (and not before Tamara has an opportunity to kidnap her two children). Honestly, this had all the makings of one of the ridiculous movies Lifetime is known for playing. 

Most of this could probably have been forgiven had we been given an actual ending with closure, but nope. Of course, we are left to wonder did Tamara perish or is she out there somewhere, biding her time and waiting to try again later?

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