Review: Mistress in the Making by Larissa Lyons


Print Length: 449 pages
Publisher: Literary Madness (October 26, 2021)

From The sweet and spicy Mistress in the Making historical romance bundle is a fun, “sexy Jane Austen styled”, emotionally satisfying tale told in three parts: Seductive Silence, Lusty Letters, and Daring Declarations. This digital box set contains the complete series and a heart warming HEA.

Seductive Silence (Book 1) – Pestered by a persistent stammer, a regency lord with a keen interest in orreries and boxing—but not in talking—must find a way to woo his new mistress without words.

Recently widowed and increasingly poor, Thea’s been reduced to sharing her rented room with rodents and arguing over every morsel (the mice usually win). So when a friend suggests Thea consider a scandalous alliance, she cannot help but be intrigued…though given the lackluster nature of her tepid marriage, she doubts her ability to tempt—much less please—an experienced man.

Lusty Letters (Book 2) – Hampered by his traitorous mouth, Daniel takes to writing letters to woo his new mistress, little realizing how their fun, flirty exchanges will quickly become the light of his day. Or how wretched he’ll feel when the charming Thea suggests they banter in person, possibly pen poetry—together. Blazing ballocks! Is she insane?

Thea’s fascinating new protector has secrets—several. Hesitant to destroy her newfound circumstances, she stifles her longing to know everything about the powerfully built—and frustratingly quiet—Marquis. But then his naughty notes start to appear, full of humor and wit, and Thea realizes she’s about to break the cardinal rule of mistressing—that of falling for her new protector. Egad.

Daring Declarations (Book 3) – Thea’s fallen under the enticing spell of her new protector. How could she not when his very presence, every kindness and sensual touch has utterly seduced her senses? Yet her mind insists on knowing more, such as why must he pummel his face in boxing matches and be so abrupt in person?

An evening at the opera could prove Lord Tremayne’s undoing… Introducing one’s socially unacceptable strumpet to his stunned family is never done. But Daniel does it anyway. And it might just be the best decision he’s ever made, for Thea’s quickly become much more than a mistress—and it’s time he told her so.


My Rating: 3 stars out of 5

This book gave me so many mixed feelings. On one hand, I enjoyed the written banter between Daniel and Thea (aka when they exchanged letters back and forth between each other); I felt like that gave us much more insight into who these characters were on the inside. Which was good considering most of the time they were alone, they were barely speaking and simply having sex with one another. Which I UNDERSTAND, I mean, Daniel's stutter made speech difficult for him and he didn't exactly take Thea as his mistress for stimulating conversation.

HOWEVER. This oversight makes it increasingly hard to believe that these two were able to fall in love with one another in just under a week. I feel like they had definite chemistry in the bedroom, and her understanding and peaceful nature helped to steady him outside of it, but on the whole it felt like they were only marrying to be able to be around each other all the time. 

With the sudden ending to this story, I feel like an epilogue would have served to better showcase the love between these two, whether it be a glimpse into their wedding day, or better yet, a glimpse into their lives several years down the road. What was life like for them once the "honeymoon" was over? 

Another thing I found interesting about this novel is that while it focuses on Daniel and Thea, I was more interested in what was going on with his sister Ellie and her husband Wylde, and to a lesser extent, Daniel's friend Penry and his mistress Sarah. What was going on in their lives? 

I have a feeling it was purposely done this way to entice the reader to purchase their stories as well (if they are written as of yet), and honestly? I enjoyed this one just enough that I may just do that. 

DISCLAIMER:  I received a complimentary copy of this novel from the publisher. This has not affected my review in any way. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are 100% my own.

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