Review: Defying the Dashing Duke by Ella Edon

Print Length: 405 pages
Publisher: Ella Edon (June 25, 2020)

From He broke her heart once… Now he is getting married to her sister!?

Charlotte, the modest, book-lover brunette daughter of Earl Warwick, was definitely the ugly duckling in her bombshell-dominated family. When the gentleman of her dreams is issued to wed her older sister, Charlotte is truly devastated. Getting caught with him in a compromising position may be a devious way to prevent their marriage, but surely it was all an accident. Or was it not?

With a preference for blondes, Kenneth Blackmore, Duke of Rutherford, could have any lady he wanted begging on her knees. Many a woman has cried for him, but only a plain-looking brunette that Kenneth truly cared for. Even if that meant staying away from her forever…

Now intended for a loveless union with Charlotte’s sister, Kenneth no longer has to fear for his family’s curse. But when fate’s wicked games condemn him to marry Charlotte instead, he must soon find a way to break the spell.

For being in love with his wife can be very dangerous…

A scandal brought them together, another one will tear them apart…


My Rating: 1 star out of 5

Honestly, I cannot even begin to say what compelled me to finish this story. There was absolutely NOTHING likeable about Kenneth or the way he verbally and emotionally abused poor Charlotte throughout this novel. Despite his ridiculous belief that he was "cursed" to harm her the way he believed his father hurt his mother, there was no reason for him to treat her so hot and cold (especially after he made the effort to open up to her partway into the story).

I also don't understand the reasoning behind the title of this story at absolutely NO point does doormat Charlotte defy her husband, or anyone else for that matter. In all honesty, this title would make more sense if the book were about her sister who has turned down countless suitors and refuses to marry. 

Speaking of our two main characters - much of this story could have been culled out if one, they had just spoken to one another instead of assuming things. And two, if they would stop repeating the same things over and over again (which realistically is on the author and lack of a good editing). Seriously, there is no reason I need to read what is essentially the same three paragraphs over and over again just worded slightly different on the same topic, especially when that topic has already been hashed over by our disagreeable leads. 

But despite those issues, the thing that sealed the one star rating for me was how the author choose to wrap up one of the MAJOR story-lines in a way that was entirely too convenient and completely unbelievable. I'm still shaking my head over that one.

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