Review: A Winter Symphony (The Original Sinners) by Tiffany Reisz


Print Length: 174 pages
Publisher: 8th Circle Press  (December 1, 2020)

From  Shortly after the harrowing events of The Mistress, Kingsley realizes that to protect Juliette and their baby on the way, they need to leave New York and put their pasts behind them for good. Yet he's waited all his life to have Søren back and now that he does, how will he tell the only man he's ever loved he's leaving him...again? And will Søren be able to let him go?

A Winter Symphony: A Christmas Novella also features Original Sinners favorites Juliette, Mistress Nora, Michael and Griffin, and the city of New Orleans. As an added bonus, the short Christmas story "A Beautiful Thing" (first published online in 2012, and never appearing in print before) is included as a backup story.


My Rating: 4 stars out of 5

One thing I absolutely LOVE about this author (aside from her fantastic story-telling abilities obviously) is the fact that every year, out of the kindness of her heart, she gives her loyal submissives …. err subscribers.... a free Christmas novella. And considering what a dumpster fire 2020 has been, this one was especially welcome as it took us not only into the familiar world of New York, but also to the magical streets of New Orleans.

As someone who has devoured every single Original Sinners novel and practically begged for more, these little glimpses are like the present you didn't expect. In this installment, we find out what prompted the move of our favorite Unholy Trinity to the Big Easy (a move that officially happens in The Priest).  And in uncovering that, motivation we also get a deeper glimpse into the love that exists between these characters. In fact, I would go so far as to say that we get a much deeper look into the inner musings of Søren than we ever have before. I loved the blending of the line between caring person, and the Sadist we all know and love. There was also a vulnerability to Kingsley that wasn't there before Juliette became pregnant.

That in itself speaks heavily towards this series, the fact that throughout all of these books the characters continue to grow, to mature. There is never a dull moment where these characters are concerned, and when it comes to The Original Sinners? They feel like family. We have seen their deepest fears and their most hidden desires. And in a way? I feel like we have grown with them. 

However, this was the gift that keeps on giving as we also got a second, shorter story that gave us a glimpse into Nora's decision to go against her own rules to be able to purchase a gift for Søren when they weren't even on speaking terms (and how King helped). That speaks to the love that has always existed between the three of them. 

Obviously, I will read more from this author. I can't wait to see what she comes up with next (even more so when it pertains to these characters). 

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