Review: Nanny and the Beast by Georgia Le Carre

Print Length: 258 pages
Publisher: Georgia Le Carre (July 25, 2018)

From  Yuri

A year ago Yulia, my niece, lost both her parents. Two months ago she completely stopped speaking. Her psychiatrist thought a gentler presence around the house might be good for her. She suggested a nanny for the child. Naturally, I would do anything that would help her regain her happy childhood.

But I didn't expect the woman who stepped into my office. Yeah, she's got my attention, all right, but for all the wrong reasons. I sure as hell don't need this ripe fruit to distract me day and night in my own home.

I tell her she hasn't got the job, and watch her leave my study, but Fate has other plans. Resistance is futile.


He lives in a white mansion in London's Knightsbridge, a magnet for playboys and Russian billionaires.   Big, burly bodyguards look at me as if I've not come for a job interview, but to steal the family silver. Whatever. I maintain my professionalism, I'm determined to get this intriguing job of caring for the girl who refuses to speak. A prim woman leads me to his study. She knocks, and a deep, smooth voice beckons us to enter. The door opens and I set eyes on Yuri Volkov.


His eyes are like a wolf's. Pitiless. Mesmerizing Dangerous. Obviously he Is drop dead wrong but, I can't stop imagining his big, tanned hands caressing every inch of me. After the briefest interview in the history of interviews he informs me I haven't got the job. As I walk away, humiliated, from his study, it happens. The unthinkable.

And I'm suddenly back in the game.


My Rating: 1 star out of 5

This book was so unbelievably BAD that I don't even know where to begin. The writing is mediocre at best, the characters lack any kind of depth, and there is absolutely no character development from beginning to end. 

I knew I should have given up and returned this to Prime reading when she asks the security guard his name and not only does he say that his name is Brain, but she thinks to herself that his name fits him to a T. Brain? Seriously? Are you sure you didn't mean Brian there sweetheart? 

The "hero" of this story is a total jerk with no respect for the heroine (much less anyone else I would guess). Let's see - upon first meeting her he kisses her and decides then and there he can't possibly hire her because he wants to have sex with her. But his niece wants her to stay so she does. Then he invites her to have dinner with him and she is described as wearing a modest dress with a high neck. When she can take no more of him and walks out he thinks to himself "The last thing I needed was to have her walking around my house flashing her wares". Excuse me? She's dressed modestly and you accuse her of flashing her wares because you can't control yourself? 

As if this weren't bad enough, now let's talk about the total lack of consent, borderline RAPE scenes that happen again and again in this story. During one scene, April tells him that they have to stop. In fact, she becomes FRANTIC trying to push away from him. And what does Yuri do? "No" he snarled. "Not before I've had you". Then proceeds to pull off her jeans and underwear and has sex with her.

Of course, the author tries to gloss over this by saying that dear April really did want to have sex with him, even though she did not make this clear to him in any way. Consent is consent people. Even in so-called erotica novels like this one. 

Most of this story read as very bad pornography with very little substance in between. The characters never really do much besides have sex, although we're supposed to believe they have this great chemistry and fall in love with each other. Even the plot surrounding his niece makes no sense whatsoever. 

Don't waste your time on this one. Not when there are so many other, better written erotica novels out there.

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