Review: Love Me (Brie's Submission #2) by Red Phoenix

Print Length: 274 pages
Publisher: Provocative Romance  (June 6,2016)

From Passions soar as training continues
Brie is falling for some of the sexy Dominants at the Submissive Training Center. With graduation day looming ahead, her training becomes increasingly demanding. The passion and pressure builds until it begins to tear at the foundation her friendships--and her heart.

But Brie is a determined woman...


My Rating: 2 stars out of 5

This book picks up exactly where book number one left off, continuing with Brie's submissive "training". To be honest, I think I liked this book even less than I liked the first one, and that is saying something. The characters for the most part remain one-dimensional and frankly annoying, and the training center is a joke (seriously, why does only one Dominant provide any kind of aftercare after ending a scene)? Also, it would appear that none of them believe in honoring a submissives "hard limit". During one of Brie's "scenes", she goes so far as to use her safe-word, telling them that she cannot do it, but yet just a few "days" later, one of the trainers pretty much does the same thing and yet she is ok with it? 

There is still no mention of birth control of precautions taken to prevent STDS even though the girls training now includes being "bought" for the night by various men. About the only redeeming quality to this book is Brie's interactions with Tono. He was one of the few Dominants in this story that seemed to actually care for Brie and her comfort. I hope to see more of him in the third book. 

Because I obtained this book as part of a boxed set, I will continue at least as far as the third book. At this time, I believe the story may show potential, but there is definite room for improvement.

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