Review: Her Protector's Pleasure (Mayhem in Mayfair #3) by Grace Callaway

Print Length: 311pages
                                 Publisher: Grace Callaway (July 1, 2013)

She Breaks Society’s Rules

Wealthy widow Lady Marianne Draven is as notorious for her behavior as she is for her beauty. Unbeknownst to the ton, however, her scandalous image obscures a desperate quest: to find her kidnapped daughter. Clever and daring, Marianne will stop at nothing to get her little girl back…and the last thing that she expects is for her heart to get in the way.

He Stands for Justice and Order

A man of honor, Thames River Policeman Ambrose Kent has devoted his life to duty and doing what is right. When his father faces financial ruin, Kent takes on a risky yet lucrative assignment to save his family. Fate has him investigating a mysterious and unscrupulous beauty, a lady he has no right to desire…and no power to resist.

When Two Opposing Forces Collide

Passion ignites between the unlikely lovers. As secrets unravel, can Marianne and Kent trust one another and work together to rescue her child from a dangerous foe? Can their love survive betrayal…and will Marianne surrender to Her Protector’s Pleasure?

WARNING: This book is for mature audiences over the age of 18 due to sexual content and language. 

My Rating: 5 stars out of 5

To begin, I do NOT believe that those of you who only read "clean" regency romances (or clean romances in general) will enjoy this story due to the crass language and sexual content, however I do believe it will appeal to a wide variety of other people. And if you are put off by graphic sex scenes and vulgar language, but are still interested in the overall plot? You can always skip those scenes and still enjoy a beautifully written story. 

This is the third book in the Mayhem in Mayfair series, and to be honest, it was also probably my favorite even though I did thoroughly enjoy the other two as well. 

To begin with this story focuses on two of the characters we met in the first novel (Her Husband's Harlot), both of which I had desperately wanted to see have their own story (whether it be separate or together). Secondly, it had everything I have come to expect from a story from this author. It had passion, it had smoking hot sex, and most importantly, it had a mystery that not only tied it altogether, but that also was the focal point of the story. 

Unlike her other two stories, I read this one in one sitting, mainly because I found myself simply unable to put it down. I had to know what was coming next. I desperately needed to know if her daughter would ever be rescued, and if our two main characters would ever full allow the walls they had built around themselves to collapse. 

I would definitely recommend not only this novel, but this series and this author to those who don't mind a few sizzling sex scenes, and who enjoy a good romantic mystery! 

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