Review: Dark Moon by Victoria Wakefield

Print Length: 203 Pages

From Lana Luna had never told anyone about that night at summer camp. She was fifteen and her boyfriend, Damon, tried to force her to have sex with him. With a power she didn't know that she had, Lana punched Damon over and over again, nearly killing him. She couldn't understand how it was possible - until her parent's confession shortly after her eighteenth birthday: Lana isn't completely human. 

After she accepted the truth about herself, Lana vowed to never burden another soul with her cursed existence. She would live a solitary life, devoid of human interaction. 

Now twenty years old, Lana has mostly stuck to her resolve, only letting herself become close to her bubbly college roommate, Maryanne. With plans to become a pediatrician, Lana volunteers at the local hospital to gain experience to add to her medical school application. But when Lana catches the eye of the sexy oncologist, Dr. Michael Reynolds, she is instantly attracted to him. 

Michael, a young, handsome doctor, is drawn to Lana as well. And as much as she tries, Lana can't fight the overwhelming feelings that she has for Michael. But, as Lana soon discovers, the past doesn't stay buried forever.


 My Rating: 2 stars out of 5

This book left much to be desired. 

Lana did have an interesting secret, and it was not something that I was expecting, but overall... the book just did not hold my interest. 

The characters were very close to being "too good". I prefer characters with a lot of depth to them, and with the exception of Lana (and even she was a bit "Mary Sue" sometimes), these characters did not have that. They were all lacking something that would draw the reader in and make them care about their plights. 

The majority of the book is about Lana's relationship with Michael. They have sex on like the second date, are saying "I love you" by the third, then they start spending all of their time together (eventually moving in with each other). I would say about 80% of their time together is spent having sex. Now I'm not a prude in any way, but I do like to read books where the relationship is about more than the sex they are having (no matter how good it is). There was no build up, no hesitation (even though Lana is supposedly a virgin when they meet), it was just "this guy is hot and gave me good sex and now I will love him forever" kind of deal.

Towards the end of the book, the action does pick up, and the potential for the story to redeem itself comes about, and then BOOM. Conflict resolved, book over, and the reader is left wondering if that was really it. 

Although this is book 1 in a series, I did not find myself caring enough about these characters to continue. 

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