Sneak Peek & Review: The Matchmakers by Ruth J. Hartman

Book Blurb: Jessie Selkirk has a mission — to take care of every stray cat she finds. They are her life, her sole reason for being. But when Baldwin Rutledge steps into her barn looking for a cat, she develops a whole new interest. One in which she must continually remind herself there is no future. No. Best to hope for nothing beyond friendship and spare herself a broken heart.
Baldwin Rutledge is desperate to stop his aunt from trying to find him a wife. So he decides to distract her by procuring a second cat for her. His plan is working beautifully, until he meets pretty Jessie Selkirk. Now marriage is the only thing he thinks about. He’d like to be more than acquaintances, but convincing her of that might take some doing.
Book Excerpt: Chapter One

BALDWIN RUTLEDGE FROWNED at his aunt. “But I do not wish to marry any of those marriage-hungry women. And this is far from the first I’ve said it.”
Aunt Esther waved a hand dismissively. “Nonsense. You need to marry someone. Do you have any idea how old you are?”
A single raised eyebrow was his answer.
She leaned forward on her high-backed chair. “Well? Do you?”
“Aunt Esther, I’m fully aware that next month I will be nine and twenty.”
“Then you see my dilemma.” She sat back.
Your dilemma. You feel somehow affected by my birth milestone?”
“Of course, Baldwin. If you do not marry, you do not have a legitimate heir. And if you do not have a legitimate heir, I have no great nieces or nephews. Preferably a nephew first, but we can discuss that later.”
Laughter sat just behind his lips on the edge of his tongue, begging, pleading to escape. But his dotty aunt was serious. Poor dear had no problem saying whatever thought popped into her white-haired head. “I’m pleased you feel you have some control over the gender of a child I may or may not someday father.”
“Don’t be obtuse. Of course I have no control. It’s just a firmly ensconced wish. Without children of my own, I will never have grandchildren.”
“True.” Baldwin winced at her loud exclamation. Too bad she didn’t know how to control her volume.
“So the nearest thing I can have are great nieces or nephews. Preferably—”
He held up a hand. “I know. A nephew first. But we can discuss it later?”
“Now you’re getting it.” She clapped her hands, the sound not unlike old pieces of parchment rubbing together. “Thought you’d never come over to my way of thinking.”


My Rating: 5 stars out of 5

My Review:  The Matchmakers is hands down one of the funniest and most endearing novellas that I have read in quite some time! With its unique story-line and over the top yet lovable and quirky characters such as Jessie, Agatha (who was probably my favorite character aside from Aunt Esther), The Matchmakers pulls you in and has you laughing from the very first sentence up until the very last line. 

I devoured this book in one sitting, not even noticing how much time had passed I was that caught up in the books. Ms. Hartman has a wonderful way of telling a story that draws the reader in and keeps them interested. Each of her stories continues to be different from the last, each with its own set of characters that are just so human that it is impossible not to like them! I especially liked the element of "crazy cat lady" that was present in the main character Jessie. Being a cat lover myself, I was immediately endeared by her and her sense of wanting to protect and care for all of the cats she had taken in. Regardless of the fact that it made people look at her and treat her differently, Jessie never gave up on her cats, or her sense of duty towards them, and I found that to be admirable. The fact that the cats played an important role in her finding her happiness at long last was an added bonus to the novella, and one that in my opinion sets it apart from others of the same genre. 

A sweet romance filled with humorous and witty dialog, The Matchmakers is sure to satisfy!

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NOTE: I received a complimentary copy of this novella in return for my honest review. This does not in any way reflect upon my review. All thoughts/opinions of this novel are 100% my own.

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