Review: Snowblind by Christopher Golden

From The small New England town of Coventry had weathered a thousand blizzards...but never one like this. Icy figures danced in the wind and gazed through children's windows with soul-chilling eyes. People wandered into the whiteout and were never seen again. Families were torn apart, and the town would never be the same.

Now, as a new storm approaches twelve years later, the folks of Coventry are haunted by the memories of that dreadful blizzard and those who were lost in the snow. Photographer Jake Schapiro mourns his little brother, Isaac, even as---tonight---another little boy is missing. Mechanic and part-time thief Doug Manning's life has been forever scarred by the mysterious death of his wife, Cherie, and now he’s starting over with another woman and more ambitious crimes. Police detective Joe Keenan has never been the same since that night, when he failed to save the life of a young boy . . . and the boy’s father vanished in the storm only feet away. And all the way on the other side of the country, Miri Ristani receives a phone call . . . from a man who died twelve years ago.

As old ghosts trickle back, this new storm will prove to be even more terrifying than the last.


 My Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5

OH.MY.GOD. This book! This is one of the rare combinations of subtlety (where they don't need blood and guts or mangled body parts to tell the story) and immediate action (seriously.. it picks up during the "first killer" blizzard and just goes on from there). This book would appeal to those readers that like both "thriller" and "horror" novels. 

The characters are written in such a way that they are realistic and relate-able (even if you only get to know a few of them really well). You find yourself rooting for them, even while thinking they could very well be your neighbors. You worried with them, you cheered with them.. hell you even cried with them. This book had everything! 

Overall, I found myself shivering at some parts, desperately hoping for no snow in others (although I live in New Jersey where snow is common), and fervently wishing there will be another novel after this one (oh.. that ending! It left me clicking my kindle and cursing.. in a good way... when I realized there was no more to this one). 

This is one of those stories that has picked a perfect "Snow filled" release date of January 2014!

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DISCLAIMER: I received a complimentary copy of Snowblind in return for my honest review. This does not in any way reflect upon my review. All thoughts/opinions of this novel are 100% my own.

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