Shatter (Seaside, #3) by Rachel Van Dyken

Alec Daniels appears to have it all. He has fame & money due to his position as the other half of the successful rock band AD2. He has also managed to capture the heart of his soul mate Natalie. Things couldn't be more perfect right? Wrong! After making one bad choice, Alec finds himself balanced on the edge of a sword, where one wrong move could shatter the life he's so carefully built for himself. Will Alec man up and accept the consequences of his actions, or will he fall back into his old lifestyle of depression, drugs and denial? 

 MY RATING: 4 out of 5 Stars

 I have been eagerly awaiting the release of Shatter since I finished its predecessor Pull back in March, and I was definitely NOT disappointed! Shatter brings back the characters we know and love, from both Pull and Tear (the original Seaside novel), but with new twists and a surprise revelation (or two) that I for one did not see coming! 

 This novel is told from the POV of the men that make up AD2 (Alec and Demetri), and while some may think having a story that moves from POV to POV may become too confusing, Ms.Van Dyken makes sure that you always know whose thoughts you are reading. I find it interesting (and refreshing) to hear more than one side of a story, and Shatter more than delivers.

 As typical with Ms. Van Dyken's writing, I was drawn in quite literally from the Prologue. She has a captivating way of writing that draws you into the story and leaves you unable to put it down until the very last sentence. Her characters are well developed, albeit flawed (which in my opinion makes them more relate-able to the reader). In fact, while many times I found myself sympathizing with Alex's plight, I also found myself torn between wanting to smack him upside the head, and just pull Nat aside and tell her myself.

Shatter deals with a lot of heavy material, but Ms.Van Dyken does not allow it to become a dark or depressing ride, adding just a touch of humor in the right areas to make the reader laugh, and the tension ease.

 Of course, I loved the ending! The "concert" the boys give is sure to make the reader crack a smile (and maybe be a little envious their S/O has never done this for them - even in private). I also felt satisfied (to a point) with the ending. What I mean is that while the ending left me feeling as though the loose ends had been tied up, and the questions answered, I was (again) not ready to leave Seaside, Oregon or the people there. 

Already, I am eagerly anticipating the next installment of this fantastic series, tentatively titled "Fall". 

 DISCLAIMER: I received an advanced copy of Shatter in exchange for my honest review. This has not reflected on my review in any way.

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