The Beast Within (The Elite #1) by Jonathan Yanez

Eighteen Year Old Conner Moore has always felt there was something different about himself. When he meets Lauren and her brother Lu in the middle of the woods, he can sense there is something different about them as well, but what he doesn't know.

Unfortunately, as his path with Lauren continues to cross, and he finds himself more and more attracted to her, he finds himself thrust into a world he knows nothing about - and a world his once thought "dead beat" dad had a role in. 

Now, Conner must accept the truth about himself - and not only find his place in this new world, but accept the new-found responsibility that now rests squarely on his shoulders.

My Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

I got this book simply because the models used on the cover appeared to be the same models used for Demetri and Alyssa on the cover of  Pull by Rachel Van Dyken (albeit having a Cullen-ish twist to their eyes). 

I know.. I know... that is totally not a good reason to get a book.. but in this case.. I was NOT DISAPPOINTED! 

The story-line flows smoothly - there is always something happening that keeps the readers' interest, but does not leave them in the dark or become too confusing. The characters are well developed - each with their own quirks and their own flaws. The flaws and quirks are what add to the plot rather than take away from it. It was obvious from reading how much thought the author put into creating this "secret" world and the characters that inhabit it. 

I very much enjoyed this series, and I absolutely cannot wait to read the rest of it! Do they all survive? Is he the Savoir? And just who is this other evil that is threatening to end it all? 

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