Review: Close Your Eyes by Amanda Eyre Ward

My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

I was instantly captivated by Close Your Eyes. The very first chapter is a prologue of sorts, detailing the night Lauren Mahdian's mother was murdered by her Father inside their upscale New York home. It then fast forwards to present day, a grown up Lauren working as a real estate agent in Texas, while her older brother Alex is doing his residency to become a doctor. Both seem to have grown up to lead very normal, very successful lives. And then Alex invites Lauren on a road trip so he can give her some life altering news. He's been in contact with their Father, and the Detectives that handled their Mother's murder, and he believe their Father is innocent. While Lauren reels from this, Alex surprises her with more news, he's been approved to be a part of Doctor's Without Boarders. And he's going to Iraq.

As Lauren tries to get through her day-to-day life without her brother to lean on, she receives some shocking news, news that drives her back to New York with nothing but a name and a mysterious Jade earring. Was her brother right? Is their Father innocent?

Just as things begin heating up for Lauren, the book changes directions, introducing you to Sylvia, pregnant and on the run from her live-in boyfriend. Sylvia is heading back to New York, back to the place she fled after her own Mother's death. Sylvia has never met her real father, as she was the product of an affair, but she's been to his house in secret.

As the story continues, Lauren and Sylvia's lives begin to intersect in the most interesting of ways, leading not only to the arrest of the real murderer of Lauren's Mother, but to things neither woman could anticipate.

My thoughts on Close Your Eyes:

Close Your Eyes is an easy and enjoyable read. Even though I was originally annoyed at the sudden switch from Lauren to Sylvia, the way the two different stories intersect more than made up for it. The details from both stories made for an interesting twist, and one that I certainly didn't see coming. I also thoroughly enjoyed the flashbacks that take place during the overall story as they give you a bigger picture of the different characters. Who they were, the things they've been through; and they gave insight as to why they acted the way that they did as adults.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who loves a good mystery and is looking for an intriguing read.

 DISCLAIMER: I received an advanced copy of Close Your Eyes in exchange for my honest review. This has not reflected on my review in any way.

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