Mall American Girl - Teaser & Pre-Order Event!


MALL AMERICAN GIRL by Sarah Robinson is coming July 1st! Check out the gorgeous cover (plus a teaser) and pre-order today. 

Oh, say can you see these sparks flying in this 4th of July-themed standalone short romance when singer/songwriter Kamar Jaziri meets the beautiful and undefeated Independence Games champion in a red, white, and blue meet-cute over a plate of hot dogs.

Summer Darby, owner of Summer’s Sun Spray Tan Salon, is a winner. The end. Every goal she’s had, she’s crushed and her streak isn’t about to come to an end now even though the games have changed. She doesn’t care how much the new singer in the pavilion lights her firecracker—she won’t be distracted by his star-spangled salute.

When Kamar Jaziri isn’t studying in graduate school, he’s working as a singer/songwriter at small gigs around the local college town—including a recent hire at Yule Heights Shopping Mall. All he wants is a taste of freedom as he chases his American dreams, and that means he doesn’t have time for romance or dating. And he definitely doesn’t have time for the way Summer Darby looks at him.

Cue the sparklers as these blue collar titans of business clash in a comedic battle for independence—and love.

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