Review: Meet Cute (Celebrity Crush #1) by Natasha Luxe


Print Length: 123 pages
Publisher: Rare Books (May 18, 2021)

From When a big shot production company plans to set their next biopic on the tiny island of Havensboro, everyone is thrilled—except me. I’ve almost got enough money saved to get off this rock, so I just need to keep my head down. I definitely do not have time for distractions.

Distractions like the leading man, global heartthrob Tom Hudel, who sneaks onto Havensboro ahead of filming to get a feel for the island.

No matter how melting his smile is. No matter how dizzying his accent is. No matter how gentle his eyes are.

I will not get distracted by a celebrity crush.


My Rating: 3 stars out of 5

I've been in a kind of a funk lately, and desperately needed something to break up the tedium that unfortunately comes with reviewing the same genres over and over again. 

This book was exactly what I needed. Although at only 123 pages, I would call it a novella and not a book. And as such, it was not without its problems (mainly that thing I like to call insta-love where the main characters meet and immediately fall in love, or in this case fall into bed first and in love a week later). 

However, there was so much witty banter here between not only the main characters, but a couple of the secondary characters as well, that you couldn't help but feel like you were one of them. Added to this, coming from a small town myself, I felt there was a realistic quality to this where everyone knows everyone (and by extension everyone's business as well). 

I definitely wish this one had been much longer with more detail about this couple, about their life together after they left the island, etc. I feel like if we had had some sort of build-up to them sleeping together and falling in love that it would have made this one feel even more authentic. However, I will read the other two books in this series just to see how they compare and eventually give one of this author's other (hopefully longer) books a chance as well. 

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