Review: Too Scandalous to Marry a Duke by Lucy Langton


Print Length: 404 pages
Publisher: Lucy Langton (June 10, 2020)

From  In an instant, Miss Nicolette De Burgh's world turned upside down, when her dear mother passed away. A few years later, her father remarried and as if this was not enough, her new step sister, Miss Daniella, has been trying to prove her superiority in every way possible ever since. However, tensions will run high when Nicolette meets Daniella's childhood friend, the dashing Mr. Eric Masters, future heir to the Duke of Terrace. When her eyes meet his dazzling blue eyes, desire instantly sparks inside her. Will she fight a love that makes her heart flutter? Or will Nicolette let Daniella win this time?

Mr. Eric Masters is an attractive young man with a lopsided grin that makes young ladies lose control of themselves. Although he strives to make his parents proud, his playful nature renders him unwilling to give up his freedom just yet. Forced by his parents to find a suitable match and trapped in an undesirable future, Eric never expected to be introduced to an alluring Lady, who will make his heart shiver. Much to his surprise, he finds himself lost in a game of love and passion. Nicolette is fiery enough to drive a Duke to his knees...but will she manage to make Eric reconsider marriage?

A series of unexpected events will lead the two stepsisters to war, fighting for the heart of the dashing Duke-to-be. Trying to endure all the obstacles that emerge, Eric and Nicolette find themselves closer to each other than ever, and desire can no longer be denied. Will they withstand Daniella's scrutiny? Or will Nicolette have the last word?


My Rating: 1 star out of 5

This book was an absolute train wreck. I can't even tell you why I finished it, except maybe that as with a train wreck, it was impossible for me to look away.

To begin with, this author seems to know nothing about how the aristocracy actually works. She repeatedly calls Eric Mister Masters, even though he is the heir to a Dukedom and would have a title all his own until he inherited. Then she seems to believe that he can (and apparently does) inherit said dukedom upon his marriage (while his father is still very much alive).  The sisters are also referred to as Miss when as the daughter of an Earl and Duke respectively, both girls would have been called Lady so and so. 

Secondly, the characters are just all over the place. It was never really said that Eric had been trapped into an undesirable future (as the synopsis states). Its more he wants to remain a bachelor and his parents want to see him wed. However, when he meets Nicolette  he instantly becomes attracted to her and decides then and there he will make her his wife. Nicolette swears she only wants to marry for love, but has no problem losing her virginity to Eric in someone's library at a ball. Sadly, after the deed is done, the pair become like horny barn cats, either talking about having sex or sneaking off (at another ball nonetheless) to have sex. I don't know what was more ridiculous, that or the fact that he refers to her womanly parts as a "velvet purse". 

And let's not forget her step-sister Daniella who is so obsessed with Eric and the thought of being his duchess (they knew each other as children) that she goes to completely unrealistic lengths to try and keep them apart. I actually felt sorry for Eric's supposed friend Lord Pemberton. I said supposed because although we are led to believe in this friendship, Eric actually encourages Lord Pemberton (who is in love with Daniella) to marry her despite knowing that Daniella doesn't love him and is in fact only using him to escape being sent away by her mother and step-father due to her insane behaviors. 

Sadly, even the writing was off with this one. Between instances of the wrong word being used or words being misspelled entirely (not to mention pages upon pages of dialogue which did little to nothing to actually move the story along) there is just really nothing to recommend this one.

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