Review: A Viscount is a Girl's Best Friend (Impossible Balfours #3) by Gemma Blackwood

Print Length: 156 pages
Publisher: Gemma Blackwood (January 7, 2020)

From Lady Edith Balfour has not eloped with her dearest friend, Lord Rotherham. But persuading him, her family, and her own heart to believe that is proving unexpectedly difficult…

The lively, accident-prone Edith has never been the proper young lady her family would like her to be. She would rather travel the world and live a life of adventure than settle down with a suitable gentleman.

The only person who truly understand her dreams is Lord Rotherham, her closest friend and confidant. Nathaniel would be everything Edith needed, if only his own dreams were not so firmly rooted in England. As it is, Edith wouldn’t risk losing his friendship for anything – no matter what wonderful feelings he stirs inside her.

Nathaniel Townsend, the young Viscount Rotherham, has striven for years to escape from his guardian’s restrictive influence. Ambitious and determined, he means to become a powerful force in the House of Lords. Edith’s friendship is the only thing that has ever soothed his frustrated soul. He knows that one day she’ll break free of London society – and he dreads to think how much he’ll miss her.

When a family emergency forces Edith to travel north alone, Nathaniel defies his guardian to accompany her. It’s an adventure that could cost him dearly, but he is determined to declare his independence at last. Besides, he has never been able to say no to Edith’s sparkling eyes or dimpled smile.

It’s not an elopement. It’s simply two good friends enjoying an adventure together. And, perhaps, indulging in one or two dangerously delicious kisses…


My Rating: 3 stars out of 5

First off, the synopsis of this story is VERY misleading. It wasn't difficult at all for her to convince people that she hadn't eloped, because only one person brought up the possibility that she had. Sure, her aunt and sister were concerned about how Edith's reputation may suffer, and Edith did broach the subject rather suddenly that maybe they should do it, but it wasn't the huge fuss that I was expecting. 

In fact, the majority of this story is about Nathaniel and Edith's trip to the place where her aunt is staying. When it was just the two of them, I found this to be a very sweet story. I enjoyed watching these two friends as they each realized that maybe they didn't want the things they thought they did. I also enjoyed watching as Nathaniel seemed to grow up during the trip, not only recognizing two of his so called friends for what they actually were, but also for coming to understand that his uncle was not the unfeeling tyrant he had made him out to be in his mind. 

All in all, this was a short and clean (minus a few kisses) read that I'm sure will be enjoyed by fans of historical romances with unconventional characters and scenarios. 

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