Review: British Bedmate by Penelope Ward & Vi Keeland

Print Length: 255 pages
Publisher: Everafter Romance (October 1, 2018)

Dear Bridget,
I’m writing this letter because it’s highly doubtful I’ll ever garner the courage to say this to your face.
So, here goes.
We’re totally wrong for each other. You’re the proper single mum with a good head on your shoulders. I’m just the carefree British doctor passing through town and temporarily living in your converted garage until I head back to England.
But here’s the thing… for some bloody reason, I can’t stop thinking about you in very inappropriate ways.
I want you.
The only reason I’m even admitting all of this to you right now is because I don’t believe it’s one-sided. I notice your eyes when you look at me, too. And as crass as I appear when we’re joking around about sex, my attraction to you is not a joke.
So, what’s the purpose of this note? I guess it’s a reminder that we’re adults, that sex is healthy and natural, and that you can find me just through the door past the kitchen. More specifically, it’s to let you know that I’m leaving said door cracked open from now on in case you’d fancy a British bedmate in the middle of the night sometime.
No questions asked.
Think about it.
Or don’t.
Whatever you choose.
It’s doubtful I’ll even end up sliding this letter under your door anyway.


My Rating: 2 stars out of 5

DISCLAIMER 1: This book was previously published as Dear Bridget I Want You. Only the title and cover have been changed. All other content remains the same.

This one really didn't work for me, even though it did have its moments. To begin with, both of these characters came across as cringe-worthy - but for different reasons. 

Simon comes across as very immature, crass, creepy, and well let's just I was surprised he wasn't brought up on sexual harassment charges, or at the very least misconduct. For heaven's sake, when Bridget first meets Simon it is as a patient herself. Somehow, during a fishing "accident" she manages to get a fishing hook lodged in her arse. And what does her attending physician say FIRST? 

“So, I hear you want to show me your bum, and I’m not even going to have to buy you some dinner first?”

Seriously? I suppose he could have been going for funny or trying to set her on ease, but to me, it just comes across as highly unprofessional. 

Bridget, I wanted to like her. She's an older (in her thirties) widowed mom of an 8-year-old son. I wanted to relate to her being a widowed mom myself. And for a while I kind of did. But then it seemed like she started allowing more and more slide when it came to Simon, simply because she was attracted to him? Because of his accent? I don't know, but it was annoying.

Did they have chemistry between them? YES. Did they have some pretty awesome sex? Sure seemed like it. But did I buy them falling in love? Not so much. I definitely could see the potential there, especially as Simon slowly started to win her and her son over (in fact my favorite relationship in the whole novel was the friendship Simon developed with her son). But it seemed like they went from strangers - to friends - had sex - and all of a sudden he was willing to give up everything for her and her son? Not just a job back home where he would be closer to his parents and his ailing "nan", but suddenly mister I don't want to settle down or have kids, is talking about having babies and getting married. It seemed too much too soon. 

I'm also not entirely certain what the purpose of the lawsuit being brought against the hospital was. It seemed .... disrespectful to broach that whole thing the way it was done. 

******SPOILER ALERT******

So the woman suing the hospital for malpractice turns out to be the mistress of Bridget's dead husband, and quite possibly the reason he died in the first place. While cheating is something that obviously happens every day, it felt like this was only added to the story to make it okay that Bridget had found a deep connection with Simon. Like she (and we as the reader) was supposed to go oh he was an asshole, then, by all means, Bridget go be happy with someone else. No. That's not how it works. Yes, she should have grieved for him, but speaking as a widow myself IT IS OKAY TO MOVE ON WHEN YOU ARE READY TO DO SO. 


Overall, it's obvious this story will be a hit with some people, while for others, like myself its something we will say we read, and then move on. 

DISCLAIMER 2: I received a complimentary copy of this novel in exchange for my honest review. This has not affected my review in any way. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are 100% my own.

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