Review: Willful Depravity Ingrid Hahn

Print Length: 306 pages
Publisher: Entangled Publishing Scorched (January 21, 2019)

From Giles Warrington Hale, Marquess of Ashcroft, was born to do two things. Paint and rut. But lately, nobody but Miss Patience Emery has inspired him. The moment he sees her, he knows he must paint her and have her-- anywhere and everywhere.

After a lifetime of trying to appear smaller, Patience no longer cares what anyone thinks. She’s resigned herself to a life having a man in her dreams only. But when the mysterious Lord Ashcroft approaches her with a chance to act on her bold, scandalous, and depraved desires, she suddenly sees her chance to indulge in every wicked fantasy she’s ever had...

Note: This erotic romance features a BBW heroine and a scandalous hero.

My Rating: 2 stars out of 5

Try as I might, I just could not get into this story. From the synopsis, I was expecting a lot more than the bawdy tale of two horny people that this turned out to be. Don't get more wrong, knowing it was an erotica, I expected sex. But I also expected a better plot.

The potential was there. Oh my was it there. Especially with regards to Giles' father, but even that seemed to be written off a lot easier than I would have expected. In fact considering the right git his father was I didn't expect him to give up at all, much less as easily as he did. For someone with as much "power" as he was shown to have throughout the story, it would have been easy for him to ruin the couple. But he seemingly gave up once they confronted him on his "home turf" as it were. It was wholly disappointing to see him do what he did throughout the novel and then to be vanquished so easily. 

Also, I wish there had been more depth to the relationship between these two. Giles readily admits that he likes "fat" women, and Patience is described as being "so fleshy as to take up as much space as two or three average women at least". I guess that is why they were attracted to each other. She fit his "fetish" and he.... paid her attention? I guess? When the begin spending time with one another, there is ample opportunity for their relationship to move forward, and yet it seems stuck in a loop so that nothing really ever changes. 

The sticking point for me (and I am not a prude, nor overly religious in any way), was the fact that after Patience shows up at Giles' "wedding" (that was not of his choice, but another attempt by his Father to control him) the pair has sex. In the church. Not in the main room where the wedding was to take place, but in another, smaller room. I'm sorry, that's not love. 

At this point I am unsure if I would read more from this author, however this book may still appeal to those who enjoy erotica with the slight trappings of historical romance.


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