Review: Nailing Studs: A Contemporary Reverse Harem Romance by Virna DePaul

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Publisher: Virna DePaul (June 3, 2018)

From When fantasy becomes reality X 3… 

I’d been doing just fine as a New York food and wine critic, content with books, baking, and my boyfriend. But “content” wasn’t what I was after. Passion and excitement were more like it, but now that I’d gotten royally dumped and unceremoniously fired, “sucked” was the best word to describe my life.

So I moved. To Northern California. To claim my inheritance from my great-aunt: a run-down house in a small town that had yet to recognize the arrival of the twenty-first century.

The house was a wreck and there was no money for repairs. But then the Fix-It Guys arrived, three sexy as sin alpha males who offered their services to fix up the house…and teach me a thing or two about hammering, nailing, and drilling.

Suddenly I had all the passion and excitement I could handle.

Taylor, Dom, and Logan were all about giving me what I wanted, and I was more than happy to cater to their needs as well. But falling in love with three men? That never happens, at least not with a happily ever after, right?


Grab hold—Kayla’s path to love with three hot men will take you on a wild ride.


My Rating: 4 stars out of 5

Let me begin by saying that this was my very first trip into the Reverse Harem genre. I have read books in the past that have been billed as RH, but they were all missing something. This book had that something. 

It was very much an enjoyable story focusing on Kayla and how she is able to "find herself" after her life in New York came to an end. I enjoyed the fact that this story was told from multiple points of view, nearly as much as I enjoyed these characters and their interactions. Although as a reader, you did have to suspend a certain amount of reality (such as these men coming across as young, but already being wealthy enough they can take on projects such as Kayla's without payment up front). However, I felt that the characters emotions and reactions felt REAL. They had to build that trust up, they had to work on their relationship (both one on one and as a group). Sure, there were some hot sex scenes to be had, but I didn't feel like the focus was ON that particular part of their relationship. I enjoyed seeing these characters interact with each other, I enjoyed watching their story evolve. 

I would definitely read more of this genre if for no other reason than as a pleasant diversion from the usual books that I read. And I would definitely read more from this author! 


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