COVER REVEAL! Ethan by Rae Rivers

I have had the pleasure of being with The Keepers since the start of their journey. Therefore I am stoked to not only be able to share with you the BRAND NEW COVERS, but also my thoughts on each book and where you can go to purchase a copy for your very own (either hardback or kindle).

FROM GOODREADS.COM: A portal to another world has opened, unleashing dangerous creatures on earth. A dark witch is out for revenge. The stakes are high, a war inevitable.

One person can stop the madness. Jenna. She’s a Keeper to a powerful hybrid witch but she harbours a secret and if Jenna steps through the portal – seduced by the whispers of her hidden past – she may never return.

Fortunately, she has company… infamous Bennett brother and fiercely protective Keeper, Ethan. Their whip-cracking banter makes them perfect sparring partners in training, but how will they manage when their lives and everything they were born to defend are on the line?
When the battle lines are drawn, will Jenna and Ethan stand side by side – as friends, protectors, lovers … or as traitors?


Let me begin by saying that even though I have been lucky enough to have been able to read this novel from the beginning, I have noticed that the basic story itself is easy enough to follow even if this is your first time meeting the Keepers and their witches.

That being said, this was an epic conclusion to an amazing series. Everything came together beautifully - right down to the final showdown (which revealed a twist that I did not see coming)!! This story had everything that makes a story great - page turning action, romance and betrayal all woven together in a spectacular way. In fact, I was so caught up in this story that the night I received it - I stayed up past my bedtime and read nearly half before I finally managed to put my kindle down and go to sleep (and since I'm always honest, that only happened because my kindle went dead and my charger was in the other room).

One of the things I most enjoy about her writing is that it not only moves at a steady pace, but it also is detailed in such a way that you can see the action as it unfolds on the page. In fact, I have to say I would be first in line to watch if they ever turned this series into a movie.

I would highly recommend this novel (as well as this entire series) to anyone who enjoys a well-written and highly captivating story.

You can purchase your copy of The Keepers: Ethan from Amazon

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