Review: Christmas Wishes by Wendy Vella

Print Length: 94 pages
Publisher: Vella Ink (December 1, 2013)

From Miss Hero Appleby distrusts noblemen, especially self-indulgent rakes like Lord Caruthers, however she was desperate for money to support the orphans in her care this Christmas, so it is to him she must go. Perhaps it had been wrong of her to point out his many faults so boldly, but the man drove her to distraction and all thoughts of lady-like behavior disappeared in his infuriating presence.

Max didn't remember much of his first meeting with the annoying Miss Appleby, thanks to the after effects of one good drink too many. But he vaguely recalled he'd promised her something, just to get her out of his house so he could suffer in peace. Unfortunately peaceful was the last word to describe her as he found out the next day. She was unlike any woman he knew - opinionated and rude certainly, but she worked selflessly to provide for children that were not even of her blood. Max had believed himself incapable of emotion yet Hero was making him feel things that he had believed were long dead. Could his long forgotten Christmas wish really come true?


My Rating: 2 stars out of 5

I did not find this story plausible at all. Perhaps it was just the rushed pace that everything happened in that killed it for me - but I cannot fathom a man living his life the way Max had lived his not only spending who knows how much on a woman and her orphans after meeting them (the orphans) and seeing their living conditions just once. Nor do I find someone like Hero throwing away everything for one night of passion with a man she barely knew. 

I feel as though if this had been a full length novel and we had had more time to get to know the characters, and for the story to evolve in a normal sense - I would have enjoyed it more. Don't get me wrong, this story did have its moments (and some of them were quite funny), but I can't fathom the way things happened. 

Overall, I'm sure this story will appeal to some - and I would read more stories from this author (if they were full length), but this is not a story I would re-read. 

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