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Monday, June 6, 2016

Review: To Wed The Widow (The Reluctant Bride Collection #3) by Megan Bryce

Print Length: 201 pages
Publisher: Megan Bryce (October 9 ,2014)

From Goodreads.com: A man with a Future, the Honorable George Sinclair would rather poke his eye out than take his place beside his brother and learn How To Be An Earl. But when an earl orders, a brother obeys. And when an earl tries to make his brother steady and responsible and old and gray, well... it just might kill them both.

A woman with a Past, Lady Haywood is a scandalous distraction that no honorable gentleman can ignore. Especially one who's just been told that his very happy life is changing irrevocably to the boring. But even if a scandalous distraction is what George wants, what he needs is a wife. A virgin wife. A scandal-less wife... 

The earl would be the first to say that his brother has always had a problem choosing what he needs over what he wants. Lady Haywood would say that very few women who have buried five husbands would bother with a sixth. And George would say... why, this sounds like fine fun.


My Rating: 4 stars out of 5

Let me start off by saying that although this is labeled as book number three in a series, you do not need to have read the other books in order for this one to make sense. All these novels are stand-alone, meaning there are no cliffhangers and each book has a beginning, a middle and an ending. 

That being said, this was a very sweet read that was easily finished within a couple of days. There was some witty dialogue between the characters, a "vicious" dog carried in the Hero's pocket, and a happily-ever-after that was worth the struggles the characters had to overcome in order to get there. 

On the downside, I do feel that the author missed the mark a bit with the villain of this story. There were some missed opportunities to add some real background and depth to that part of the story that I feel was overlooked. 

Before I close, I feel that I should mention the fact that when I originally downloaded this book, it was one of the kindle free deals. For a FREE book, I found it to be all of the things mentioned in my review. However - I feel that its "normal" price of $6.99 is a bit too pricey for me with what the story held. The price may leave people expecting more than what they get. 

To Wed The Widow is available from Amazon.com

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