Review: Rescued by Priscilla West

Print Length: 329 pages
Publisher: Amazon Unlimited (February 24, 2014)

From “There would be no happy ending for us. He was too damaged. I was too broken.”

 Lorrie’s semester started off hopeful but ended in disaster. Now, she’s even more lost and confused than she was at the beginning of the year. As Lorrie flees to the only family she has left, she has to come to terms with how things ended with Hunter.

Hunter has fought for so long to keep the truth from Lorrie in an effort to protect her, but that has only caused more heartache and pain.

Realizing his mistake, Hunter has made a vow to get Lorrie back, but is it too late?

Will Hunter be able to overcome his own demons and help Lorrie through her pain, or are they destined to keep hurting each other?

WARNING: This book is recommended for MATURE AUDIENCES (18+) ONLY due to explicit sexual content. This is also book #2 in a series, so to fully understand the characters I would recommend reading book 1 Wrecked prior to reading this one.

My Rating: 2 stars out of 5

The conclusion to Hunter and Lorrie's story was one that I almost didn't read. Although I mostly enjoyed book one in this series, I wasn't sure if I liked the characters enough to continue on with their story. To be honest, I really didn't care about them. I felt the ending of that story was enough that I could move on and forget about them. 

Until I couldn't. 

As I finished other books on my to-be-read pile, I kept thinking about them. Did they get their happily ever after? If Hunter finally came clean to Lorrie about everything - would she still treat him as coldly as she did in the first book? 

Eventually, I couldn't take it anymore, and I decided to finish their story. Now I'm sitting here staring at my computer screen, having just finished it and to be honest... I'm having a lot of mixed feelings about it. On one hand, I liked that there wasn't a whole lot of sex happening. While I enjoy a good sex scene just as much as the next person, I've come to notice that a lot of times, they are used in place of actually moving the story forward, so it was nice to actually have a story here. 

Lorrie also wasn't so much the whiny brat that she was in the first book - in this book - she's so obsessed with her step-father and getting answers that she basically ignored Hunter. There was a whole scene dedicated to her DRIVING, and not focusing on anything other than the thoughts in her head. She really was not a likable character at all. 

I also felt like Hunter was lacking in this story as well. Here he is a hot MMA fighter, and there is absolutely NO MMA fighting in this book. Granted I get that now that he's revealed he has MS he's come to realize that fighting isn't the best course of action for him, but then he literally does almost nothing but hang out with Lorrie, live at her aunt and uncle's house and do some basic handiwork. What about getting a job? What about doing something other than pine after the girl who is too caught up in her own head to have a conversation with you? 

The ending was a big disappointment as well - after the huge buildup, I had expected more. It was like once the author got there, she really didn't know where to go with it, and that was probably the biggest let down of the entire story. 

Overall, I'm sure there will be a lot of people who enjoy Hunter & Lorrie's story in its entirety, I just wish I had passed. 

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