Review: A Kiss for Miss Kingsley by Collette Cameron

Print Length: 48 pages
Publisher: Collette Cameron (December 21, 2014)

From Olivia Kingsley didn’t expect to fall in love and receive a secret marriage proposal two weeks into her first Season. However, one dance with Allen Wimpleton, heir to a viscountcy, and her fate is sealed. Or so she thinks until her eccentric and ailing father, unaware of Allen’s proposal, announces he’s moving the family to the Caribbean for a year. Unaware of her father’s ill health, Allen demands she choose—him or her father. 

Heartbroken at his callousness, but thankful he’s revealed his true nature before she married him, Olivia turns her back on their love. The year becomes three, enough time for her broken heart to heal, and after her father dies, Olivia returns to England. Coming face to face with Allen, she realizes she never purged him from her heart and once again the flames of love ignite, but is it too late?

My Rating: 5 stars out of 5
Forty-eight pages is just not long enough! Seriously, the premise of this story is so promising, that even going into it knowing it was a short story, I don't feel as though the story was fully embraced and played out. There was so much more that the author could have done with this story - she could have played out their first meeting and the subsequent fallout, she could have showed what the pair was up to during their time apart, etc. There could (and in my opinion should) have been more back-story played out rather than just briefly touched on. Also, I feel as though once the characters to reunite - the book moves very rapidly towards its close, leaving me feeling unsatisfied. I wanted to see more from them - more about their wedding, more about their future together. I would also have enjoyed seeing a revenge plot from the other girl who had set her cap on Allen.

All of that being said however, what was there was so wonderfully cute that I enjoyed it very much. The author's writing was vivid, allowing me to clearly picture the people and the scenes as they played out before my eyes. I found her characters to be delightful and well thought out. I will definitely be reading more from this author, and I hope to see more of Allen and Olivia in future stories! 

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