Review: The Awakening by Emma Jones

From Do you believe in vampires? Ghosts? The supernatural world? 
Meet Lauren who instantly clicks with Gavin at a friend’s BBQ. Everything goes well until Lauren starts to experience strange things and hears a weird voice. It seems like a warning but from what? Lauren eventually makes the startling discovery that Gavin is a vampire and it has profound consequences for herself. The arrival of Daniel makes things even more confusing for Lauren as she is warned he is bad news from a ghostly source. Lauren's life is turned upside down as things she thought were myths and legends become real and she struggles to cope with everything she has discovered. 

Will Lauren and Gavin’s relationship survive and what about the mysterious Daniel? 


 My Rating:1 star out of 5

Most of you know by now that I am what I lovingly refer to as a "book masochist"; meaning that I will read pretty much anything I start all the way through, no matter how hard it is to get through, just so I can write a review on the entire book. 

Unfortunately, despite the interesting synopsis and the cover of this book, this has earned the title of "First Book I Could Not Read". In fact, I made it a whopping 18% into it before I was forced to move on. Normally, I would wait a few days and try again, or just forgo the review entirely, but I feel in just that 18 percent, I can write an honest enough review. After all, what I write may still appeal to readers of a certain taste.

 To start (and as this is my main issue in why I could not finish this novel), here is an excerpt from this novel (as approved by the author as part of a book tour)

"I decided to have a quick browse on Facebook so logged onto my laptop. However as the laptop was loading I saw a strange reflection on the screen and turned around, when I looked back I could clearly make out the outline of a face and screamed and jumped up and turned the main light on. I looked around and then quickly went to check the front door was closed and locked properly. Everything seemed fine and I returned to my room where the laptop screen had timed out and gone black. As I tapped a button it sprang to life but rather than the normal homepage loading a word document was open with the words ‘Lauren beware’ typed over and over again. I shivered and quickly closed the laptop down and slid it under my bed. I decided it must have just been some junk mail spam and tried to put it out of my mind not wanting to think of any other alternative. I got into bed but left the lamp on and eventually drifted into a restless sleep."

To me, this book reads as either a bad role-playing narrative, or as something that was written by a very inexperienced (and young) writer. I could not get into this story at all. I didn't care about the characters, what their secrets were, or how their story would end. Perhaps after reading for as many years as I have, I have become a bit of a book snob (I would like to hope this is not the case), but I need more to a story than this drabble.

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