The Bound Bride by Anne Lawrence


Cassandra Dodd is young, beautiful, and broke. She’s drowning in debt, about to get evicted from her small studio apartment, and even her best friend can’t help her land a job. What she can do is suggest another avenue for income. 

The preferred venue for wealthy businessmen who need dinner dates (and in some cases dessert), LeaseALady promises a good time for which Cassandra will be well paid. As soon as her profile goes live, she attracts the attention of one Oliver Chambers. 

Oliver is an affluent ad man who is no stranger to LeaseALady. What is unfamiliar is the feelings stirred when he first sees Cassandra’s face. He arranges to spend the evening with her and is quickly smitten. And he begins to form a plan. 

In short order, Oliver has Cassandra at his side in a lavish mansion. He showers her with gifts and a very special affection. But it doesn’t take Cassandra long to realize that Oliver literally never wants her to leave his home. If she does, she will lose his trust. If she stays, she might lose her heart. And just what is the story behind Oliver’s strange desire to keep Cassandra safe?

 My Rating: 1 star out of 5

I found so many things not to my liking about this book, that it is hard to decide where to begin. First, this novel is need of a good edit. There were words that made no sense (for example "she put her his arms around his neck"), and oftentimes I found myself reading the same passages over and over in order to make sense of them. Secondly, the title of the book "The Bound Bride" is misleading as Cassandra is never actually married to Oliver.

Moving on, the characters had no depth to them, and (with the exception of Ollie), no back-story to explain why they do what they do (or in some cases do not do). Even knowing Oliver's past life and scars, his reactions to certain things were still too over the top to be believable.

Speaking of Ollie, he does not (in my opinion) come across as someone who is truly concerned with her safety, he more or less comes off as a complete psychopath. Forbidding someone from leaving your home? From even going outside? Formulating a contract that specifies if she does so, the contract is void and she must pay back the money? Someone is in need of series psychiatric help. 

The story-line was promising, which is why I decided to read it in the first place. Too bad the story didn't live up to it. 

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  1. I never understood why some people think some behavior is romantic when in reality if people were to act like that, they would be jailed! I find this happens in music a lot.