Review: Unintended Consequences by Marti Green

Nineteen years ago, in Indiana the body of a female child was found buried in the woods in Indiana. The child was burned to the point that not only was she unrecognizable  but there was no hope in identifying her through fingerprints either.

After a lengthy investigation, police received a tip that implicated George Calhoun, a Pennsylvania resident whose own daughter had disappeared at the age of four, never to be seen again. When his wife confesses that she and her husband killed their daughter Angelina, its an open and shut case. George Calhoun is sentenced to death, while his wife is given life in prison.

George's defense? That isn't his little girl. That isn't his Angelina buried in the woods. He didn't kill her. But that is all George has ever said, he has never told anyone what really happened to his daughter. Now his appeals have been exhausted, and his life is set to be over in weeks. Unless HIPP can help him.

Enter Dani Trumball, an attorney working for HIPP, or the Help Innocent Prisoners Project. A non-profit organization that helps convicts on death row prove their innocence. At first, Dani rejects George's letter, but when she finds herself drawn to it again and again, she can't help but reach out to him. Before she knows it, Dani and her team are locked in a battle to save a man Dani believes is innocent, raising more questions than she's getting answers. If the body that was found and buried isn't Angelina Calhoun, then who is she? And what did happen to little Angelina? What could be so horrible that George has not spoken of it even when his life was hanging on the line?

Finally George opens up to Dani, weaving a story of what really happens, or so he says. One thing is for sure, George's story would change everything for him, if it is proven to be true, and there is someone out there that desperately wants to keep the past buried.

My Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

Unintended Consequences is a beautifully executed legal thriller that keeps the reader glued to the pages until the very end (its true, I finished this book in a day). The characters are all well-developed with different (and sometimes clashing) personalities which make the story that much more believable  You find yourself caring about these characters, especially Dani and George. Is he really innocent? And if so, will she be able to clear his name before it is too late? Before you know it, you find yourself rooting for Dani, sharing in her disappointment and her frustrations, while biting your nails over the fate of what might be an innocent man.

While the book contains many twists and turns, and a lot of surprises, some of which leave you just as frustrated as Dani and her team at the wall of dead ends, the ending ties up everything nicely, leaving the reader with a feeling of fulfillment.

They have done everything they could. The murder has been punished, the child finally identified. But was it Angelina? You'll have to read it to find out.

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DISCLAIMER:  I received an advanced copy of Unintended Consequences in exchange for my honest review. This has not reflected on my review in any way.

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