Whatcha Reading Wednesday

In an effort to get to know my followers better, I am launching a new segment called Whatcha Reading Wednesday! Tell me all about the book currently on your kindle (or in your hand). Are you enjoying it? How far into it are you? Are you likely to continue, or will this be relegated to your did not finish pile? Have you read this author (or series) before? 


GENRE: Paranormal Romance / Reverse Harem

PAGE LENGTH: 284 pages

PUBLISH DATE: December 14, 2022

FORMAT: Kindle





CURRENT THOUGHTS: This is the third (and I believe final)

book in the Royal's of Kingswood Academy series. And

although am only a few chapters into this book, I am already

seeing the same problems I had with book number two. Aura

is just not that great of a main character. She has already

almost blacked out numerous times, actually blacked out once

(and was out for days), and almost died. Again. Of course

when she wakes up this time, all her guys are there except one

who has (as usual) run off instead of staying with the group

and facing his problems head on.

I am hoping as this is the last book that Aura finally steps up to

the plate and we get to see more of the elemental powers and

bond at play, and not have to be told about them by her men

whenever she wakes up again. But I guess we will see.

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