Release Blitz! Perfect For You by Samantha Leigh


Title: Perfect For You 
Author: Samantha Leigh
Genre: Contemporary Romance

I’m a small-town cop with absolutely no game.
She’s a pro poker player who doesn’t like to lose.
Lucky for me, the girl next door is an excellent teacher.

I’m a twenty-something bachelor looking for love, but when another woman dumps me square in the friend zone, it’s time to admit I’ve got no idea what I’m doing.

I need help, and I’ve got two options.

One: Join the Bay’s super-secret senior citizens’ romance readers book club and hope a bunch of randy octogenarians can give me some tips. Or two: Risk total humiliation and let the sexy, sassy gambler next door, Birdie Maxwell, rate my moves.

Like the idiot I am, I do both.

In no time at all, I’m the book club’s most enthusiastic member and Birdie’s my willing and very able test subject. As our sessions get hotter, so does the draw between us until we’re breaking all the rules, and not only in the bedroom.

As the walls around Birdie’s heart tumble faster than a house of cards, I can’t shake the feeling this is more than just a game. But Birdie’s poker face rarely slips. She insists our relationship is just one friend helping another, yet I know what we’ve got is too perfect to leave on the table. I’m not the kind of guy who makes or takes a bet, but what choice do I have when this woman holds my heart in her hands?

The stakes are set, the cards are dealt, and this time I’m all in. Birdie Maxwell, I’m about to call your bluff.

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Samantha Leigh is an Australian author of steamy small town romance. Her first series is set in a fictional beach-side town called Valentine Bay, and because she's the writer and it's within her power to do so, she filled the Bay with a disproportionate number of divine, dirty-talking surfers. It's a hard job, but someone's got to do it.

In the tiny slices of time she has between all the word wrangling, Sam likes to hit her yoga mat, go for walks in the bush or on the beach, continue her search for the perfect poke bowl, drown herself in coffee and hot cacao, and binge-watch bad television.

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