Whatcha Reading Wednesday


In an effort to get to know my followers better, I am launching a new segment called Whatcha Reading Wednesday! Tell me all about the book currently on your kindle (or in your hand). Are you enjoying it? How far into it are you? Are you likely to continue, or will this be relegated to your did not finish pile? Have you read this author (or series) before? 

GENRE: Thriller

PAGE LENGTH: 365 pages

PUBLISH DATE: June 1, 2023

FORMAT: Kindle



READ THIS SERIES: No (although I have read others, this is

the first in a new series).

CURRENT THOUGHTS: This book started off on a strong note,

immediately grabbing my attention & drawing me in. However,

all of a sudden, it seemed to go completely off the rails. I am

still interested enough to continue on to see how this plays out,

but it's definitely not what I expected what I first started reading.

Right now, I would give this one 3 stars.

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