SNEAK PEEK!! Stolen Touches by Neva Altaj


Title: Stolen Touches
Author: Neva Altaj
Genre: Mafia Romance



I know them,

But I didn’t follow them.

I moved into his city, his domain without approval.

And now, it’s time for me to pay the price.

 Marry the cold, calculating Don of La Cosa Nostra,

The man who many have never seen-or could recognize,

And be bound to the mafia forever.


But when he comes to collect me,

I realize that this isn’t the first time we’ve met.



Nothing amazes me anymore.

I’ve seen and done too much.

Until her.


She’s an anomaly,

Living in poverty,

In MY city,

Without approval.

I’m drawn to her in ways I never imagined.

She ignites me and intrigues me.

I want more than stolen touches.

I want it all.

And what Salvatore Ajello wants, he takes.


*Stolen Touches is a full-length novel with several open-door steamy scenes, no cheating and a guaranteed HEA.

This is the fifth book in Perfectly Imperfect mafia series. Each book in this series features a different couple and can be read as a standalone, but for maximum enjoyment, follow the recommended reading order.

“Do you realize you’ve almost started a goddamned war?”

“But . . . I’m just working at a hospital. It’s not like I’m selling drugs on Ajello’s turf or anything. Why does it matter?”

“He’s the fucking Don of the New York Family, and you went against his specific decree. It sends the message that you don’t recognize him as an authority figure in his own region. And by extension, neither does the Chicago Family.” He slumps his shoulders and squeezes the bridge of his nose between two fingers. “You being a capo’s sister only makes the situation a hundred times worse.”

“I . . . I never saw it that way, Angelo.” I bury my hands in my hair. “Jesus.”

He sighs and looks up at the ceiling. “Do you remember Enzo, Milene?”

“Catalina’s idiot cousin who died in an accident last year? What does Enzo have to do with anything?”

“He didn’t die in an accident. Ajello found out he came to New York for a weekend of “mancation”—strip clubs, drinking, having a good time. Nothing to do with the Family business. Enzo’s body was delivered to Rossi the following day. It came in several bags, Milene.”

“Bags?” I gape at him.

“Yes. There were three. The note said it was easier for FedEx to handle smaller packages. It worked out to be cheaper.”

I wrap my arms around myself. “Is he going to kill me, too?”

“He has every right to, and no one would be able to do anything about it.” He looks at me. “But he’s demanded another compensation. Rossi agreed.”

“What kind of compensation?”

“A marriage.”

My head snaps up. “No,” I whisper.

“I’m sorry. You’ve brought this on yourself.”

“No! Please, not that.” I’m trying very hard to keep the tears at bay, but they come anyway, blurring my vision.

“There’s nothing I can do, sis.” Angelo gets up from the chair and walks toward me, crouching at my feet. “If it were just you, I could have arranged to get you out of the country or something. But it’s the whole Family on the line here.”

“I fucked up big time, didn’t I?” I sniff.

“Yes, you did. I’m sorry.”

“So, who am I arranged to marry?”

“Don Ajello.”

I stare at Angelo while panic pulses inside my chest. “What? I’m not marrying a man who chops people up and mails their body parts.”


  Neva Altaj writes steamy contemporary mafia romance about damaged antiheroes and strong heroines who fall for them. She has a soft spot for crazy jealous, possessive alphas who are willing to burn the world to the ground for their woman. Her stories are full of heat and unexpected turns, and a happily-ever-after is guaranteed every time.

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