Review: Parched (Parched #1) by Z.L. Arkadie

From Dark dangers, startling secrets and a life transformed forever - Discover a new spellbinding and increasing popular adult contemporary vampire/paranormal romance book series that radiates with passion, suspense, intrigue and surprise. 
In this first installment of the Parched novel series a New York ad exec falls in love with a sexy vampire, which changes her life forever.

Clarity Parker thought she would never see Baron Ford again. Five years ago, she fell in love with him on their magical first date and then poof--he literally vanished into thin air. That's why she's stunned to hear his name again. After all, five years have passed since that night, and now, to add intrigue to insult, he's requested that she be exclusively assigned to his multi-million dollar account. 
Clarity makes every effort to avoid Baron Ford but when he finally catches up to her he issues a warning; things are not safe for her in the city anymore, especially since the strange fog has settled over Manhattan.
Before the foggy day is over Clarity's entire world will come crashing down. Everything about her life that she thought was true is a lie! And there's no time to question her soap opera star mother or business mogul father about it because Baron was right, her life is in danger, and so is his!

One thing's for sure, from this point on, the world as Clarity Parker knows it will never be the same.                            


 My Rating: 1 star out of 5

This book.... *sighs* I had such high hopes for this book. Not only from the synopsis, but from reviews that I had seen for it (all of which were 4 or 5 star). Now maybe its just me, or maybe this is one of those books that "just isn't for everyone", but I feel seriously ripped off. And I found this book for free.

While the overall concept of this book was appealing, I found that overall, the story had very little "thought" or "feeling" to it, and the characters were all very one dimensional. These were characters that I just could not bring myself to care about. Will they live? Will they die? Will they fall in love? WHO CARES? And that my friends is a sign of a badly written novel. 

It seems like the author took on too much at once, they are after all trying to balance vampires with... what exactly are they supposed to be? Angels?Other worldly beings? Super-humans... I don't even know. I do know that for someone claiming to not be a "snob".. Clarity was a freaking snob. After endless droning on about the designer clothes she had, even though she was not a snob (her words), when it came to purchasing some for herself, the only place she could think of was Saks .. and lets not forget her and her "sister" (that she had never met) spent a good two pages deciding what to order from a Burger King menu.. yeah. She's a snob. Sorry, but she is. 

I did manage to make it to the end (there is that book masochism I was talking about in prior entries), but I will not be continuing any farther than that. I *had* downloaded The Seventh Sister (Parched Book 2), but after reading this novel.... 

Ok you know what I might have still tried to read it, if not for the blurb the author put at the end of this book stating "The main story picks up in Quenched (Parched Book 3). The Seventh Sister (Parched Book 2), is a shorter novella that tells what happens to the seventh's sisters life before she enters the main plot. Therefore, I skipped book two and inserted an excerpt from Quenched below."

Seriously? You can't even be bothered to include an excerpt from book 2? No thanks. 

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