Review: Bound by Sacrifice (The Road to Ruin, #1) by Reyna Pryde


When you make a deal with the Devil, it can be Hell...

Acelynn made a deal to save her sister's soul, kill Satan's son or become Satan's bride. It seemed impossible to find a legend like Cain, but after decades she finally got a lucky break. This break happens to be one sexy immortal, the type of man Acelynn can't let herself fall for. He's full of hope, a light shining brightly, and all Acelynn knows is darkness. And the darkness keeps growing as vampires, werewolves, and other magical creatures change the course of her journey. Will her heart be the only thing that stands in the way of saving her sister's soul? Or will she always be bound by sacrifice?                         


 My Rating: 4 stars out of 5

Two pages into this book, and I was certain I would hate it. However, something (maybe that quirk in myself I like to call book masochism) kept me reading, and I'm actually pretty glad that I did. 

Let me start off by saying that Bound by Sacrifice had an interesting take on a lot of things: vampires, werewolves, the Devil, God (whom you never actually meet in this book), demons, immortals (those of the non-vampire variety), unicorns, witches, even the Biblical story of Cain & Abel. And while that might not be engaging to some readers, I found the author's use of them, and the creative way she blended everything together to be an engaging read instead of a turn off. 

That being said, the characters in this book were well developed. They (with the exception of Satan and his demons as I didn't get a real feel for them), all had a reason (or reasons) for doing what they did, or being the way they were. For Acelynn, she wanted to save her sister's soul, Abel wants to find his brother Cain (for reasons I will not disclose due to spoilers). Some of the other characters wanted fame, others wanted forgiveness, and some.. well they just wanted to screw with everyone else. 

The action kept moving forward for the most part (I did find the middle to be a bit slower), but all in all, I was glued to the pages to find out what would happen next, and the plot twists only solidified it for me. There were times when I found myself asking "did that really just happen?"

I am eagerly awaiting book two in this series, Ms. Pryde has definitely found herself a new fan in me! 

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