Stranger: A death valley mystery by Melissa M Garcia

Ex-con Alex Delgado and her brother Ric have left California for a new start in a small town in Nevada, where they believe they will finally be safe from the ghosts of their pasts. Taking over operations (and ownership) of the Death Valley Motel, the siblings believe they will finally be able to start over.

So when the body found on the bloody floor of Room 110 of their motel turns out to be the murdered corpse an ex-gang-member, the Delgados are put just where they don't want to be, in the spotlight of a murder investigation.

Even more unfortunate for them is the Detective that gets the case. Detective Will Stellar takes one look at the pair, and realizes they have something to hide, something worth hindering his investigation over. But what? As all three race to solve the mystery in their own ways, they manage to uncover more then they bargained for, and too soon they learn that someone in the town of Lake City believes that some secrets are worth killing for.

My Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

After reading the first few chapters of this novel, I debated on giving up on it. At first, it seemed too unrealistic. The first characters you meet are the Delgados' and its no secret that Alex is a recently released convict. So why would someone who has been on the inside of a jail cell not call the police to investigate a man's murder until she has personally seen the inside of the crime scene? Until she has personally removed something from the crime scene?

As the book moved on however, I was immediately drawn in by the characters, and then held by the ever twisting plot as it wound through the course of the book. There were so many different facets of investigation, so many characters interacting with each other, each offering their own truths (and lies), that the reader is left guessing up until the very shocking ending.

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DISCLAIMER: I received an advanced copy of Stranger: A death valley mystery in exchange for my honest review. This has not reflected on my review in any way.

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